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My name is Connor King, I'm a 26 year old biomedical engineer and entrepreneur with a ton of ideas, hobbies, and interests. I created this site to be a hub for everything that I do, and to tell the world a little about who I am. I currently work in the O.R. during brain and spine surgery, I've founded two LLC's, I have one pending patent and I have a passion for playing music. Keep scrolling to learn more about what I do.

Connor Beach King
December 22, 1992
Boston, USA
+1 (802) 884 0440
Biomedical Engineer
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My Resume

  • Neurosurgical Navigation Consultant - Brainlab, Inc.
    2016 - Present

    • Supported and trained surgeons, OR personnel, Radiology Techs (CT and MRI), Central Sterile Processing, Biomedical & Technology personnel, on the proper use of Brainlab’s Image Guided Surgery Equipment.

    • Provided clinical and technical expertise to surgeons during surgical procedures.

    • Managed multi-state territory of MA, VT, RI and NH, while often assisting with regional support team in CT, ME, NJ and NYC.

    • Maintained territory by regularly scheduling site visits for preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, installations, equipment calibrations, RMA’s, and inventory checks.

    • Experience repairing electro-mechanical hardware and software components including but not limited to infrared cameras, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, HDD, RAM, power supplies, internal and external cabling, BIOS troubleshooting, PC reimaging, application installations, and PACS network troubleshooting.

    • Interpreted and serviced medical imaging devices such as CT, MRI, and DICOM data.

    • Communicated with customers to ensure resolution and proper follow-up, to maintain customer satisfaction.

    • Coordinated scheduling with regional team for new system installations, repairs, service coverage, training, and other service responsibilities.

    • Submitted product feedback, new product ideas, and complaints.

    • Kept up to date on administrative responsibilities which included maintaining customer service logs, internal service documentation, ordering of spare parts, return of materials, etc.

    • Maintained a thorough understanding of Root-Cause-Analysis and related Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA).



  • Research Engineer - Rutgers University
    2015 - 2016

    • Created virtual environments for the Oculus Rift DK2 platform and the phantom haptic feedback 3 axis arm in order to put subjects in a virtual world in order to create virtual objects to aid in stroke rehabilitation.

    • Developed hardware and software solutions using MATLAB to run experiments using Virtual Reality and mirror neuron therapy for stroke rehabilitation paired with Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation and muscular electrical stimulation.

    • Designed the lab setup to run experiments at two labs at Rutgers and Northeastern University.

  • Research Assistant - NJIT Nanotech Department
    2014 - 2015

    • Experimented with methods of manufacturing impedance based biological sensors and the production of microfluidic devices in the fields of nanotechnology and biophysics.

    • Worked with microfluidic logic gates using methods in soft and photolithography.

  • Engineering Intern - BAE Systems
    Summer of 2011

    • Worked under engineers to learn about complex electrical systems, circuitboards, radio frequency, remote controlled systems, and various military telecommunication devices.

    • Worked with engineers to restructure and improve inventory records.

    • Enhanced storage space and vacated active labs of damaged or obsolete measurement equipment.

    • Achieved effective communication skills and proficiency with office documents while practicing lab safety in ESD-sensitive work areas.

  • CAD Designer - Freelance Work
    2010 - Present

    • Lead product design using CAD software suites like Autodesk and Pro-E.

    • Expert in using AutoCAD and Inventor for both 2D and 3D part and assembly design.

    • Created 3D models of products that made it to the production line with many individual clients.

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Bachelor of Science: 2011 - 2016

    Earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Bioelectronics. To earn this degree, I took various courses from three of NJIT's sub-schools: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Biology. I also earned a minor in Applied Mathematics and took various courses in computer science.

  • Livingston High School
    High School Diploma (GED): 2007 - 2011

    Studied for a diploma in a general education with elective courses in everything technology. I also founded the Livingston Lancer FIRST Robotics Team #3415. I took a number of additional classes including auto mechanics, electronics, CAD, and drafting in order to better prepare myself for engineering school.

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